Business on China's E-commerce

In addition to import & export and trade business, we have been working to expand sales in China in recent years.
Working with SHENZHEN MIHARA TRADING CO., LTD., one of MIHARA's offices in China, we export high-quality goods from Japan to China and sell them on large e-commerce websites in China.

By flexible use of our existing business advantages, we continue to expand sales in China.
The products we sell mainly include daily necessities, groceries, alcoholic beverages, etc. made in Japan.
We aim to export and sell our products to the Chinese market. If manufacturers and dealers are interested in the Chinese market, please contact us.

Main Products (Examples)

Alcohols・Groceries・Machinery・Industrial chemicals・Industrial containers and so on

We can also provide products other than those listed above.
We can provide products as required by customers. If you need anything, please feel free to contact us.

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